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Any Questions evening goes down a storm

Posted by Nick Whitehead on Tuesday, 19th March 2013

Who needs Radio 4 or the BBC when we have such illustrious, imaginative and informed people living nearby? Our panel of Canon Julie Gittoes (residentiary canon at Guildford Cathedral), Michael Buerk (he of the 600+ episodes of the Moral Maze), Professor Paul Sellin (well, somebody has to like Physics) and Rt Revd Christopher Herbert (on too many House of Lords Committees to mention). Together, using humour, intelligence and experience – and not a little deliberate provocation – they had the 130 or so listeners on the edge of their seats.


Posted by Nick Whitehead on Sunday, 3rd March 2013

Current events, like much about our lives, frequently leave us hopeless, fearful and uncertain. Religious faith isn’t a matter of wishing away these experiences; it involves perceiving God in the midst of our hardships.

Its is sometimes too hard to watch the news.

Then there’s the private news we must endure. If you can handle the world-affecting issues, the personal ones have their own ability to leave us disappointed: poor health, family squabbles, professional setbacks, unreliable friends.

Life, or our experience of it, often disappoints. It’s common for us to feel subject to adverse forces beyond our control.